The Trilogy School

Specialized Instruction in a Small Group Setting

The Trilogy School is a private school affiliated with the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education and fully accredited by Cognia. Most faculty members have their master’s degrees in Learning Disabilities, Special Education, reading, education, their content area, or a bachelor’s degree and LD certification. Many are North Carolina Certified. Trilogy’s staff includes several National Board Certified and Teachers of the Year in their former schools. Trilogy began with sixteen students in 1999 and has maintained stable enrollment for the past twenty years. Although the enrollment has grown each year, Trilogy is committed to keeping classes and the school small so that all students can receive individualized attention.

The Trilogy School is located in the midtown section of Raleigh, North Carolina near the North Hills area and in close proximity to I-440. It’s location in the center of Wake County provides easy access for those from the greater Raleigh area. Its size of seventy-five students, the 4-6 to 1 teacher/student ratio, and the ability to provide an individualized curriculum that addresses many types of learning styles are some of what make this school an excellent and unique learning environment.

The Trilogy School
Welcome Letter from the Directors 2023-2024

Dear Trilogy Parents, Teachers, and Students:
With great pride and excitement, we extend our warmest greetings as we commemorate a significant milestone in The Trilogy School’s history. This year we proudly celebrate our 25th anniversary. It is a time to honor our legacy, appreciate the extraordinary progress of our students, and embrace the opportunities that await us as we soar into the future.

The Trilogy School has remained dedicated to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment for students with learning challenges where all students can learn, and lives are transformed. Our commitment to personalized instruction, innovative teaching, and unwavering support have made us a source of hope and success for countless students and families. We are honored to have you as a part of our amazing story!

As we reflect on our past, we express immense gratitude to the innovative founders of The Trilogy School, Judy Williams, and Laura Wyatt. We also wish to thank our exceptional educators, support staff, parents, and alumni who have all worked together to shape our success. Thanks to you all, we are honored to celebrate many stories of resilience, growth, and triumph. We look forward to celebrating this milestone all year.

Throughout the coming year, we will continue to follow our 5 C’s initiative:

• Trilogy is an inclusive learning community where collaboration between students, parents, and faculty is paramount. Trilogy is founded on the belief that a team approach provides our students with the best educational experience. We will also continue to collaborate with all stakeholders this year as we go through the accreditation process to ensure that Trilogy’s mission remains steadfast as we look to the future.

• Consistency creates success, especially for our students. Our goal is to ensure that school will feel like a predictable, structured, and engaging part of each student’s day. We will continue to prioritize health and safety with masks and social distancing, but we understand that being in the classroom and making connections are vital for academic, emotional, and social growth.

• We will continue to build authentic connections in our school so everyone, students, parents, and faculty, feel connected and an integral part of Trilogy. We will work together as a team to ensure best practices for our students through an open-door policy and transparency. We welcome input from all stakeholders at Trilogy as we endeavor to fulfill our mission to meet our students where they are academically and prepare them for the next academic level.

• When students come to Trilogy, our first job is often to rebuild their confidence and remind them how much they can achieve. Building positive relationships through encouragement and motivation, we aim to create a school that is filled with kindness and supportive learning. Our teachers and staff play a vital role in helping students build positive relationships so that they can feel secure and confident in their academic endeavors and beyond.

• We have so much to be proud of this year, and we are going to celebrate! We will be back together each month for student council-led assemblies (even if we have to do them outdoors in the Beestro). We will honor students and staff at these gatherings with monthly sunshine awards. These awards honor people who demonstrate extraordinary character, shine academically with their hard work and are simply going the extra mile. We will also celebrate the “little things” our students and staff members do each day to make our school community so special.

This year’s faculty is made up of extraordinary educators. Our administrative team includes the following:

  • Judy Williams, Co-Founder, Administrative Consultant
  • Dr. Laura Wyatt, Co-Founder, School Psychologist
  • Genny Smith, Lower School Director (Grades 2-8)
  • Ann Ashby, Upper School Director (Grades 9-12)
  • Baxter Smith, Admissions Director, Assessment, and Community Outreach
  • Betty Woodson, Business Manager, and Office Manager
  • Tammie Coon, Health Coordinator, and Administrative Assistant

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