The Trilogy School Code of Ethics

  • We accept and embrace the inherent differences in all individuals regardless of race, color, age, and gender.
  • We maintain integrity and honesty in our decision-making and in our relationships with parents, teachers, and students.
  • Decisions are always made with the student’s best interest in mind.
  • We provide a sound educational program to all students enrolled at Trilogy.
  • We give all students an equal opportunity to learn in their own way, recognizing that each child has individual needs that must be met.
  • We strive to maintain professionalism in our hiring practices, our administrative endeavors, and in our relationship with other educators and mental health professionals in the community.
  • We endeavor to create and perpetuate a creative learning community that thrives on inclusion, collaboration, and dedication to our common mission.
  • We teach by the premise that every child can learn, albeit in different ways, and is capable of achieving academic success.