Trilogy School Testimonials

Trilogy has made such a difference in our daughter’s life. She is now ready for high school!

Parent of an 8th grader

All my son’s teachers were patient, loving, firm, but fair with the children. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Parent of a 4th grader

We were so happy to learn about Trilogy’s existence two years ago. Trilogy has been an amazing place for our daughter to grow academically. She has enhanced her self-confidence and leadership capabilities. She enjoys reading on her own and told me she finally feels ‘smart’! She has made some friends that she will keep forever. She loved all of her teachers and truly enjoyed the learning style. She was never a leader, but with your leadership she has learned not to be afraid and to be proud of who she has become. Trilogy has prepared her to move on to public school and we will never be able to repay Trilogy for her successful outcome.

Parents of a High Schooler

My daughter has never liked school but she really LOVES Trilogy.  We see confidence in her and security that wasn’t there before Trilogy. It’s such an awesome place. An answered prayer for all of us.

Parent of a 6th grader

“When I came to Trilogy in the 9th grade, I was in a rough place academically and socially. Trilogy made me feel accepted and I learned how to be a student and a friend. Now a sophomore in college, I use the tools that Trilogy gave me, and I am succeeding and feel successful. Trilogy is a special place, like family to me, and I will always remember my time spent there.”

Alum of Trilogy

“Just seven short years ago, I was finishing up a rough 5th grade year that caused us to reconsider what school to go to. We then found Trilogy, a school that truly cared about giving me a proper education. Now, nearly seven years later, I’ve stuck around for my senior year of high school.”

Current Senior

I feel my daughter’s time with you all at Trilogy has made a life-long difference in her expected outcome.

Parent of a 5th grader

Thank you so much for making Trilogy School such a terrific place to be and learn. What you do matters so much.

Parent of an 8th grader