Summer School Program at Trilogy School


  • To provide specialized instruction in a small group setting for students who have learning disabilities with/without ADHD in second through twelfth grade
  • To give students individualized study skills, compensatory strategies, and organizational techniques as well as develop social skills to be successful in the future as productive members of society
  • To foster students’ ability to achieve mastery learning in all curriculum areas and gain confidence in their academic endeavors, enabling them to return to the regular setting if appropriate

Summer School Mission

  • To remediate/enrich reading, writing, and math skills
  • To maintain continuity of skills throughout summer
  • To build self-confidence in individual abilities
  • To ensure reading, writing, and math readiness for the next level

Summer School Curriculum

Each student will take reading, writing, math, and social skills and will be grouped by age and grade level. Assessments and objectives will be designed for each student.

Class size: 4-5 Students

The Reading Program will incorporate:

  • Phonemic-based skill building and awareness
  • Development of auditory processing skills
  • Individualized supplemental reading program
  • Critical thinking/comprehension skills
  • Fluency of reading performance

The Writing Program will incorporate:

  • Creative writing
  • Expository writing-sentences, paragraphs, essays
  • Vocabulary development
  • Spelling/phonics

The Math Program will incorporate:

  • Individualized development of basic math skills
  • Computation and problem solving

Student Profile

Students with LD/ADHD in rising grades 2-8

Schedule and Cost

School Hours: 8:30 — 11:30 daily
Session Dates: June 26th-July28th
Cost: $2500


  • No homework
  • Periodic progress reports and parent conferences
  • Fabulous Fridays (special activity during break)
  • Awards Day on the last day

Application Procedure

  • Send in the preliminary application
  • Testing and complete application within two weeks of preliminary application
  • Admission decisions made by May
  • Confirmation from parents and $500 non-refundable deposit due within a week after acceptance
  • Summer school packet found under forms