The Trilogy School High School Program

Students in high school have several options for instruction:

  1. Part-time High School Courses-High school courses may be taught individually to students currently enrolled in another private or public high school as approved by the special needs department at the base school. These courses are as the need and demand occurs.
  2. Comprehensive High School Program– The Trilogy School offers a full-time program for high school students. The curriculum is aligned with North Carolina and Wake County Public School’s Future-Ready Core Course of Study requirements.  At a minimum, all students must earn 22 credits for graduation.  Trilogy is also a Cognia (formerly AdvanceED) accredited school, and grades for our courses transfer to the base school. Course requirements for graduation follow two pathways:
Future College Pathway

(non-UNC system schools)

Future University Pathway (UNC system schools)
Courses                        Credits Courses                        Credits
Math                                  4* Math                                  4
English                              4 English                              4
History                              4 History                              4
Science                             3 Science                             3
World Languages              0 World Languages              2
Health/PE                         1 Health/PE                         1
Electives**                       6 Electives**                       6
Minimum Total

Credits:                      22

Minimum Total

Credits:                       24

Flexibility in hours allows for possible failure of an elective course.  Failure of a core course results in attending summer school or course recovery program.  Students must pass a national standardized test (IOWA Test of Basic Skills) at a certain level of proficiency prior to graduation.