Our Services

Homework Management Program

  • Supervised Study

    In a library-type atmosphere, students do homework and study. Each student will have a checklist of assignments, and staff will monitor and assist as students complete tasks. Study skills are incorporated into the program.

  • Individual Assistance from a Professional Staff

    Students receive individual assistance with all homework from a professional, qualified staff. Students may also complete additional enrichment activities according to need.

  • Reference Library/Computers

    Word processing and Internet access are provided.

One to Three Teacher/Student Ratio

  • Special Sessions
  • Summer Study Skills Workshops – 5 sessions

The Individual Tutoring Program

The Individual Tutoring Program serves students in grades 1-college in the following academic areas:

  • Math, All Levels
  • Reading, English, Writing
  • Science-Chemistry, Physics, Biology
  • Social Studies, History
  • Foreign Languages
  • AP Courses
  • Word Attack/Phoneme Awareness
  • Specialized Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities and/or ADD

Summer Programs

  • SAT Preparation
  • AP English summer reading

    Rising 11th or 12th grades
    Snalysis of Novels
    AP Writing Strategies

  • Individual Tutoring, K-college; All Subjects

    Math Computation
    Reading/Writing Skills
    All Summer School Courses
    Grammar Review
    Focus on Completing Summer Reading
    Reading Comprehension
    Spanish Review
    Algebra I, II Review
    Science, Biology Review

  • Math and Language Arts Enrichment
  • Pre-algebra Skills Review
  • Algebra I Intensive Review
  • Study Skills Review

    5th-12th Grades
    Organization/Time Management/Memory
    Note Taking/Test Taking

Other Programs

  • SAT Preparation for Critical Reading, Writing, and Math
  • One-on-One Instruction
  • 6-8 Hour-Long Sessions for Each Area Recommended
  • SAT II Instruction Also Available