The Trilogy School
Welcome Letter from the Directors 2021-2022

Dear Trilogy Parents, Teachers, and Students:
Welcome to another exceptional year of learning at Trilogy! After a challenging year with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to start the school year in person and with everyone on campus. We can’t wait to once again provide a personal learning environment where all students can learn and succeed. We look forward to collaborating with you this year with the following theme:

We’re in a sunshine state of mind where the future is bright at Trilogy
Our theme this year reflects our renewed commitment to ensuring that Trilogy is a positive, safe, nurturing place for all students to learn and grow. We value our faculty’s dedication to using the best practices in the field of learning differences as we partner with you to create a team of support for each individual student.
We will incorporate this theme throughout the year with the following five initiatives:
• Trilogy is an inclusive learning community where collaboration between students, parents, and faculty is paramount. Trilogy is founded on the belief that a team approach provides our students with the best educational experience. We will also continue to collaborate with all stakeholders this year as we go through the accreditation process to ensure that Trilogy’s mission remains steadfast as we look to the future.
• Consistency creates success, especially for our students. Our goal is to ensure that school will feel like a predictable, structured, and engaging part of each student’s day. We will continue to prioritize health and safety with masks and social distancing, but we understand that being in the classroom and making connections are vital for academic, emotional, and social growth.
• We will continue to build authentic connections in our school so everyone, students, parents, and faculty, feel connected and an integral part of Trilogy. We will work together as a team to ensure best practices for our students through an open-door policy and transparency. We welcome input from all stakeholders at Trilogy as we endeavor to fulfill our mission to meet our students where they are academically and prepare them for the next academic level.
• When students come to Trilogy, often our first job is to rebuild their confidence and remind them of how much they can achieve. Building positive relationships through encouragement and motivation, we aim to create a school that is filled with kindness and supportive learning. Our teachers and staff play a vital role in helping students build positive relationships so that they can feel secure and confident in their academic endeavors and beyond.
• We have so much to be proud of this year, and we are going to celebrate! We will be back together each month for student council led assemblies (even if we have to do them outdoors in the Beestro). At these gatherings, we will honor students and staff with monthly sunshine awards. These awards honor people who demonstrate extraordinary character, who shine academically with their hard work, and who are simply going the extra mile. We will also celebrate the “little things” our students and staff members do each day to make our school community so special.

Welcome to the new school year!